Tips For Caring For Artificial Grass

There are going to be a wide number of conditions and reasons why you will want to have artificial grass over natural grass.  For those that choose to go with artificial grass, you will have your own set of challenges that you need to overcome in order to ensure that they are maintained.  For those that have artificial grass lawn thousand oaks you don’t have to worry about mowing your lawns, but rather some of the following issues.

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Mild Stains

The first thing that you will encounter is mild stains.  Tri-County Turf and other companies that supply and install artificial grass say that when you find a stain you want to be prompt in your timing to clean it, you will want to blot the area instead of rubbing it into the fibers of the turf and to use warm water and a mild household detergent to break up the stains. 

Animal waste

If you have pets or you have artificial grass and pets you will have to either keep your pets off the grass or you will need to deal with their waste in a professional way.  One good thing is that in general the grass will allow the urine waste to filter through and will go into the ground.  With the solid waste however, you will want it to dry completely and then go in and remove it by hand.  Use a glove of course.

The general process

When cleaning your grass you will typically allow mother nature to handle it.  Rain will typically keep your grass clean.  However, in situations where it doesn’t rain or you can keep it clean, you will want to first clean the area with soap and water.  You will want to use a strongly bristled brush and then rinse clean with a garden hose.