Janitorial Work Can Be Green

What does it mean to go green? Have you any ideas, dear readers? As far as this reader is concerned, here is a hunch. Janitorial services in Detroit, MI are going green. Some janitors may already have crossed the thin green line. Others should be waiting in the wings. For those of you who are entirely new to the concept, let’s attempt a brief explanation. There is this. He who loves gardening is said to have green fingers.

But in the context of this note, that’s not it. Well, it’s part of the green story anyway. It’s part of the green story in the sense that there could be customers who require their landscaped garden borders to be attended to. Or will these tasks be the prevail of a landscape gardening contractor? At any rate, this is how the janitorial services workers manage to stay green. They should be attempting to use less water for starters.

Janitorial services in Detroit, MI

Following this imperative should be made all the more easier now that janitorial services workers are now able to use organic detergents. These detergents contain no chemicals. So while no harm is done to the green environment, no harm is being done to the clients’ furniture and infrastructure, both inside and out. And no harm will be done the clients and their customers in turn. Also note that the organic cleaners have proven to be a lot more effective than the chemical conventions.

This is also how it works. Just a capful of organic detergent is required. And just a third or less water is required per cleaning bucket. Inside and outside cleaning also attends to the walls, and these days, steam cleaning is proving to be one of the most effective cleaning methods.