Can Tooth Implants Go Wrong: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

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Did your dentist tell you that a tooth implant is the best solution for you? What you don’t know is that tooth implants can actually go wrong in a few cases. Plus, it can happen irrespective of the higher or lower cost of dental implant in Sevierville or other cities. Therefore, you must learn about the causes, risks, and treatment options of tooth implant failure.

Why Does A Tooth Implant Fail

There can be multiple reasons behind the failure of your tooth implant. Here are a few of them.

·    You did not follow your dentist’s instructions of caring for the implant

·    Weak or insufficient jaw bones will not support the artificial tooth

·    The surgeon was inexperienced and made a mistake during the procedure

·    Existing medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. can slow down the healing process

·    Excessive smoking restricts blood flow

·    Existing gum diseases like infections in the jaw and gums

·    Your body rejected the implant

Risks of A Tooth Implant Failure

Before you undergo a tooth implant, you must learn about the repercussions that you have to bear if it goes wrong.

·    Infection: Your gum may develop an infection during or after the surgery.

·    Allergic reactions: Dental implants may use titanium alloy that may lead to a reaction if you are allergic to it.

·    Nerve damage: In case your dentist places the implant too close to the nerve of the lower jaw, it may get damaged.

·    Excessive swelling, pain, and discomfort: If your tooth implant goes wrong due to any reason, inflammation and pain are inevitable.

How to Treat A Failed Tooth Implant

The good news is that irrespective of the reason, there are treatments for a failed dental implant. However, it will completely depend on the type and cause of failure. In most cases, you will just need to replace the implant with a new one. However, if the jawbones or gums are infected, you may have to undergo serious treatments.

Final Words

Dental implant failures tend to happen, but very rarely. With the advent of technology, the chances of such fatalities have majorly reduced. Still, make sure you always visit an experienced dental surgeon.